Gift flowers for new engagements

Express your feelings for a new relationship with the finest flowers selected in this category. Ideal for those who are in the process of engagement or are recently dating. Light the flame of the heart and get off to a great start! Surprise her with a beautiful bouquet of red roses or a particular bouquet made available by us.

home delivery of bouquets for new couples

Now that the happy new couple has announced their engagement, it’s the perfect time to share their joy and send some gorgeous engagement flowers with your best wishes. Our personalized bouquets for engagement and new official revelations are handcrafted and are the ideal choice as they also offer the option to include your individual message on the ribbon trim as an added finishing touch. Our flower arrangements to send to your door for engagement are among the creative and fantastic you can find online. Try FloraNixena. Satisfaction guaranteed

Not just flowers …

If you want to send sparkling wine, sparkling wines or champagne to toast their good news or sweet chocolates, we can help you with that too. In addition to high quality traditional champagne, our range of engagement gifts also includes a sparkling rosé. Best wishes to the new happy engaged couple.