Gerberas are probably the perfect flowers to celebrate many anniversaries. They are undoubtedly loved by the sun and, as a result, they bring the energy and positivity of the sun into your home or office. This makes the gerberas perfect to celebrate any occasion or to make a special day informal.

The gerbera takes its name from the naturalist Gerber and was introduced in Italy in the early decades of the twentieth century, where it soon met very widespread. Considered the flower of friendship, each color has a special meaning.

Gerberas color meaning

The yellow gerbera symbolizes glory, while the orange gerbera symbolizes happiness. The purple color of the gerbera indicates brotherly love or deep affection: it is the perfect gift for women to woman, or among friends friends.

The meaning of pink gerbera, indicates eternal youth. It emphasizes a beauty that is always young and fresh, even if it is beyond adolescence. So it will be the perfect gift for a friend, to be sent home , but also for the mother or the grandmother .

The red gerbera symbolizes the young woman, attractive and intelligent, which is why the gerbera in this shade is chosen by a man to pay homage to the woman . On the contrary: a bouquet of red gerberas indicates passionate love, pleasure and desire for a long-term relationship.

Bouquet of gerberas with home delivery

Whatever color you choose, don’t forget to complete the gift with a note romantic or affectionate, as the case may be. A message that expresses your deepest feelings makes for an unforgettable gift.

But have you noticed their body? They have a full, almost fluffy texture which makes them absolutely stunning in a vase on their own. And if you pair them with some soft greens like eucalyptus, get ready for some rustic charm! There are yellow gerberas, pink gerberas, white gerberas, choose the color of the bouquet and order the gerberas bouquet with same day delivery.

Online sale of bunches of gerberas

Whatever type of Gerbera suits your fancy, we know you will love the joy that a bouquet of Gerbera will bring to you or a loved one. I mean, how can you look at this vibrant wildflower and not feel a smile growing on your face? If you love gerbera and choose to buy the plant, remember that it is native to Africa and Asia, because it prefers a light and well-ventilated area, not humid. With its colorful and lively flowers, very decorative and resistant, the gerbera will be proudly displayed at home, bringing joy and positivity.