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Home Delivery Plants

Make home delivery with our online plant sales site, you can choose ours fat plants, such as cactus or flowering plants such as hydrangea, to beautify the house or veranda of a loved one or to inaugurate a new room or business in comfort.

Giving a home plant to a loved one for a special occasion is the perfect way to send home some color and vibrancy. Plants are an expressive way to share your emotions for a birthday, send plants for inauguration activities or for a simple thank you surprise and you can make celebrations even more enjoyable. A large number of people opt for green plants as gifts for loved ones instead of the traditional chocolates and classic flowers. This is because outdoor or garden plants green are known to improve air quality and interior decoration of the house.

The best plants to be delivered online

Plants are suitable to wish good luck for the new furniture, the renovation or the move to a new home or or the purchase of a new one apartment. Usually for these circumstances we recommend giving some houseplants that give a house an extra touch of decoration .. our plants are fresh and selected and last a long time. If you want to wish good luck and health to your loved ones, you must send home apartment plants FloraNixena, with our online economic plant dispatch.

The selection of our plants is manifold, in fact you can send as a gift online bonsai plant ,bromeliad plant, Anthuryum plant, Zamia plant, Ficus plant, Orchid Plant, Sansevieria Plant, Azalea and many others, from our vast collection of indoor and outdoor plants.

Order Plants from our online Nursery

To send the plant to your loved ones, choose your plant from our catalog and enter your details and those of the recipient. We will immediately send you the tracking code and detailed notifications as soon as the delivery arrives. FloraNixena is the best online flower and plant shop offering the best quality plants and flowers in Italy with same day delivery. Light up your loved ones home, garden or office with a gift that lasts. Our customer service is available 24 hours a day to help you with any questions or concerns.

Send plants online in Italy

Our delivery of plants in Italy is available 7 days a week even on holidays: you can order plants online non-stop, from the comfort of your home. Receive plants delivered on the same day or on a fixed day in Italy. Weekend deliveries are also available, Be it delivery of plants for a birthday, name day, friendship, inauguration business, buying a new home, our plant gifts will reach the recipient on time anywhere in Italy. No need to search for “plant delivery near me” when you have dozens of beautiful gifts available online, right at your fingertips with FloraNixena.

Fat plants

FlorNixena offers you the opportunity to choose between different types of fat plants to give to someone you care about, with home delivery, even in the day. Our assortment of fat plants to send online includes:

Mother-in-law’s pillow plant, Classic cactus, Crassula, Column Cactus, or our splendid compositions of fat plants grouped artistically in a vase with precious natural desert-style stones.

The plant to be sent will arrive creatively wrapped. If you send plants for gifts with FloraNixena, you can also insert a free personalized card.