Language of flowers


If words fail you.. say it with flowers!

This section is dedicated to the language of flowers. The symbolism and meaning of flowers have always been of fundamental importance in the way people communicate. It is therefore very useful to know this great heritage made up of symbols to give the right flower for every occasion and to give strength in expressing a feeling. Giving the right flower means sending the exact message to express your mood. With flowers you can express any kind of feeling: from jealousy to love, from passion to friendship.
Discover the meaning of flowers and find the right one to communicate your message.



Acacia: platonic love. To use when you don’t want to reveal yourself too much.
Ambrosia: requited love.
Anemone: due to its transience, it symbolizes ephemeral feelings, the sense of abandonment and betrayed love, but also hope and waiting. As a gift to say: you neglect me, come back to me. Not only to a love but also to a friend and a relative.
Artemisia: serenity, happiness, health. To give as a thank you for what is given to us every day.
Azalea: Chinese symbol of femininity and temperance, it also symbolizes luck, a flower to give before facing an important test.



Begonia – be careful.
Balsam: engagement. To be donated as if it were an invitation to dissolve doubts.



Calendula: sorrow, jealousy, love pain.
Cacti: duration.
Camellia: sacrifice. It is a pledge and a commitment to face every sacrifice in the name of love.
Camellia (red) : you are the flame in my heart.
Camellia (White): you are adorable.
Cyclamen: resignation and farewell.
Chrysanthemum – pain.

Cornflower: delicacy and first love.

Cherry blossoms: good manners.

Carnation (white) – fidelity. It is the symbol of a mutual love. Donate it to tell her it’s unique.
Carnation (red) : anger, resentment, but also energy.



Dalia: gratitude, good taste, usually given to express gratitude.

Daisy: simplicity, innocence, spontaneity, goodness, freshness and purity.



Erica: loneliness.



Fern: sincerity.

Forget-me-nots – eternal love and everlasting fidelity.



Gardenia: sincerity. If someone thinks you lied this is the right flower to have your say.
Geranium – stupidity, madness.


Hawthorn: hope and prudence. It can be given as a gift while waiting for a positive response.

Holly: strength and endurance.

Hypericum – originality.

Hyacinth blue: constancy.
Hyacinth purple: forgive me.
Hyacinth pink: game.
Hyacinth yellow – jealousy.



Iris: symbolizes faith and hope but also the desire to send a message. To communicate that there is news or good news, to send best          wishes, for those who are about to undertake something important.

Ivy – fidelity, exclusive love.



White jasmine: kindness, affection, it is the flower of shyness to use when you want to expose yourself but not too much.
Yellow jasmine – kindness, candor, elegance and nobility.



Lauro: glory, triumph, aphrodisiac.
Lavender – good luck or distrust and detachment.
White lilac – purity and virginity.
Yellow lilac: I’m in the clouds.
Tiger lilac – pride.
Lilac of the valley – tenderness, humility.

Lily: purity. Legend has it that Mary chose Joseph among many because she saw him with a lily in his hand. In the meaning of flowers as well as representing purity and chastity, a meaning that still remains, the lily today symbolizes nobility and pride of mind. It is the ideal flower to give to a proud, honest and classy woman, to tell her that we consider her a queen.
Yellow lily: nobility.
Pink lily – vanity.

Lily of the valley – virginity, coquetry.

Laurel: triumph.



Magnolia – nobility.
Mimosa: innocence, freedom, autonomy.



Narcissus: egotism.



Orchid: sensuality, passion. The flower to give when you are sure that your passion is reciprocated. In the language of flowers, the orchid means “thank you for allowing yourself!”.

Orange blossom: virginity, fertility, purity and for the bravest marriage request.



Palm – victory.
Poppy (pink): serenity, liveliness.
Poppy (red) – pride.
Passion flower: faith, religion.
Primrose – youth, first love, hope of renewal.

Peach flowers: immortal love.

Pansy: intense and romantic thought, it is suitable to be given on anniversaries.



Rhododendron: first love.
Rose: the rose deserves a separate dictionary. Each color carries a different message with it. However, it is important to know the meaning that unites them all. The rose is the symbol of secrecy, of things to be revealed delicately. The rose, whose bud is well hidden by the petals, also embodies female chastity while the blossomed rose represents the beauty of youth.
White rose: silence.
Dog rose: delicacy and pleasure but also suffering and pain.
Yellow rose – jealousy.
Pink rose – tenderness.
Red rose – passion, true love.


Snapdragon: indifference.
Snowdrops:  consolation. To donate to demonstrate your solidarity.

Sunflower: adoring love, unhappy love.



Tulip: not everyone knows it but the flower that represents true love is the tulip, the perfect flower for a full-blown declaration of love. Popular legend has it that the flower was born from the blood of a young man who committed suicide for love. Perfect to say you love and will love forever.
Red tulip: declaration of love.
Yellow tulip: there is sunshine in your smile.
Violet tulip: modesty.



Violet – humility and modesty.



Yellow iris – I burn with passion for you.


Il galateo dei fiori


Flowers have their own etiquette which suggests some general rules to take into consideration every time you intend to give a flower or a bouquet of flowers.
Here are some tips to avoid making mistakes.

The right flower
On some occasions the flowers must have a certain importance and then the choice falls on the orchids. In this case it is better to choose small orchids on a long branch: they are the most elegant and light, even if they will have a shorter life than the large-flowered species.
The orchid can also be donated on its own, especially if in an elegant package.

A large bouquet or a pretty bouquet?
Giving huge bouquets, especially if particularly bulky, is not in good taste.
Woody rose stems over a meter tall will not do; it is better to choose a small bouquet, packaged with care, perhaps with a few miniature roses. Some exceptions can be made with your loved one, to whom even a single flower will always be appreciated.

Cut flower or green plant?

Not everyone loves cut flowers and often, if you don’t know the recipient well, it’s preferable to choose a nice houseplant or balcony plant.
However, the classic green plant is always more appropriate for a professional or an important person you want to thank.
Also be careful when giving flowers to a sick person: in this circumstance absolutely avoid perfumed flowers, preferring, without a doubt, completely odorless species or a green plant.

The importance of color
Some attention must be paid to the choice of color, because a certain symbolism is also attributed to this.
The red corollas, especially if pink, have a precise meaning, that of ardent love.
Also be careful not to give a yellow flower to your girlfriend, because it is a symbol of betrayal.
White is usually reserved for brides, or for anniversaries such as baptisms, communions or confirmations, but it is always a refined color.
At Christmas, custom has it that the choice falls on the color red: everything that is of that color brings joy.
Finally, no particular problem for the other colors (pink, light blue, blue, yellow, orange and lilac); they too have a precise symbolism, but generally they do not present contraindications.

……. and the number of clubs: better odd

As already mentioned, a single flower is generally indicated only for the loved one as a symbol of affection. In this case, any species will be appreciated, even a simple violet collected from the edge of a ditch.
In most cases bouquets or large bouquets are given in which, whoever receives them, hardly counts the number of flowers, but in some particularly sensitive circumstances (anniversaries, engagements, etc.) a few flowers may suffice, provided they are rare and precious.
If you offer a bunch of flowers of a single species, it would still be better if the number of flowers was odd, especially if the recipient is a bit superstitious.

Flowers for men too
Even men can be given flowers, as long as fragile flowers with a romantic meaning and soft colors are avoided. The colors must be decisive (red, yellow or orange) as well as the design of the corolla (tulips, red anthuriums or sterlizias).
Even roses will do as long as they are bright in color. Even the packaging must be appropriate, avoiding velvet or silk ribbons, but preferring an opaque cotton ribbon, possibly in accordance with the dominant color of the flowers.
In any case, for doctors and other professionals, a green plant is always a welcome gift to place in the anteroom, especially if it is a species that does not particularly require specific care.

Simbolo dei colori dei fiori


White: it is the symbol of purity, innocence and modesty. It expresses a pure and sincere feeling. It is also used when new news is expected.

Yellow: commonly associated with infidelity and betrayal, but it is also a symbol of luxury, glory and success.

Orange: it is a color that symbolizes joy, cheerfulness and full satisfaction with a success already achieved. Even sentimentally it expresses an already consolidated and fulfilling love.

Pink: it is a symbol of youth and expresses a newborn love. Pink is also associated with great admiration.

Red: it is notoriously the expression of ardent and passionate love, courage and the strong desire for victory. However, it is also a symbol of anger and strong-willed temperament.

Dark red: symbolizes constancy, continuity and immortality.

Purple: expresses feelings of modesty, generosity and humility. It is a symbol of an insurmountable shyness.

Lilac: represents a sincere and uninteresting love, even if directed simply to friends.

Blue: light blue is a symbol of difficulty and restlessness due to problems of various origins (money, health, …). Turquoise is instead a gratification for those who deal with art or science with great ingenuity.

Green: symbolizes hope or a danger that has already been averted. It also represents joy and optimism.


Aries from March 20th to April 19th
Element: Fire
The flower: Narcissus
Plants and Flowers of fortune: Rosemary, Olive, Sandalwood, Hawthorn, Lily of the valley

Taurus from April 19th to May 20th
Element: Earth
The flower: Rose
Plants and Flowers of fortune: Broom, Birch, Sage

Gemini from May 20th to June 21st
Element: Air
The flower: Carnation
Plants and Flowers of fortune: Lily of the valley, Heliotrope, Parsley, Elderberry, Mint

Cancer from June 21st to July 22nd
Element: Water
The flower: water lily
Plants and Flowers of fortune: Lirio aquatico, Giunco

Leo from July 22nd to August 22nd
Element: Fire
The flower: Sunflower
Plants and Flowers of fortune: Amapola, Heliotrope

Virgo from August 22nd to September 22nd
Element: Earth
The flower: daisy
Plants and Flowers of fortune: Valeriana, Madreselva

Libra from September 22nd to October 23rd
Element: Air
The flower: Lily
Plants and Flowers of Fortune: White Rose, Date, Lirio

Scorpio from October 23rd to November 22nd
Element: Water
The flower: Orchid
Plants and Flowers of fortune: Dahlia, Tobacco, Juniper

Sagittarius from November 22nd to December 21st
Element: Fire
The flower: daisy
Plants and Flowers of fortune: Mallow, Cinnamon, Sandalwood

Capricorn from December 22nd to January 20th
Element: Earth
The flower: daisy
Plants and Flowers of fortune: black Amapola, Amapola

Aquarius from January 21st to February 20th
Element: Air
The flower: Mimosa
Plants and Flowers of fortune: Incense, Orchid

Pisces from February 21st to March 20th
Element: Water
The flower: Mimosa
Plants and Flowers of fortune: Elm, Laurel, Seaweed.


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