Floral compositions with lisianthus


Lisianthus is the most common name for the beautiful flower which is also called eustoma . It is a flower that makes us make a beautiful impression at home both in the family and with guests even accustomed to refined and high-level environments.

Give a bouquet with Lisianthus for

wedding, gratitude, graduation or simply send it to a friend, it’s easy and cheap on FloraNixena. You can send it home also to uncles for their birthday or name day, a colleague or a loved one, a bouquet with lisianthus is always appreciated, especially if you make a surprise by having it delivered directly to home. While it doesn’t necessarily carry the romantic connotations, many Valentine’s Day compositions do contain it , and if we can say so ourselves, they are incredibly romantic and sure to let that someone special know exactly how you feel. Order and send a composition of this beautiful flower now.

Lilies compositions for weddings

Lisianthus can resemble a rose. With long layered stems of bell shaped ruffled flowers and almond shaped buds, these are the perfect elegant addition to any centerpiece and bridal bouquet! Do you want to give a bouquet with lisianthus and roses for the announcement of a wedding for your best friend? We will deliver the composition of lisianthus to you also in the church and in the restaurant where the wedding is celebrated